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On the campaign trail

First of all, kudos to UTEC and other sponsors of the Youth-led School Committee Candidates’ Forum, broadcast live last night on LTC.  THey had a unique and interesting format which allowed two 10-minute open discussions on a given topic, lightning rounds that allowed only “yes” or “no” answers (most of the candidates had trouble with this one!) and a “free-for-all” which allowed the candidates to ask each other questions. They also had a performance by a young singer.  (More youth performances will be showcased at the Youth-led City Council Forum tomorrow night – see previous post.) 

Other opportunities to make up your mind on the School Committee race abound.  You can see the replay of last night’s forum on LTC Channels 8 and 95, from 7-8 pm, on Thursday, November 1, Saturday, November 3, and Monday, November 5.  The Citywide Parent Council School Commitee Candidates’ Forum which was broadcast on October 15, is being shown on LET Channel 22, Thursday, November 1, at 10:30 am, Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm, and Monday at 7 pm.  They are also showing it at extra, unscheduled times in the days leading up to the election, so if you tune in to Channel 22, you may just catch part of it. 

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