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How to help

You can help Jackie’s campaign:

1) Donate to the campaign. Please consider a donation in whatever amount you are comfortable with and help Jackie keep fighting for excellent schools! To make a donation to the campaign, make checks payable to: CTE Jackie Doherty and mail to 77 Tyler Park, Lowell, MA 01851

2) Display a lawn sign. If you live on a busy street and would like to be part of the movement to support Jackie’s visibility with a beautiful purple lawn sign, contact the committee by email. Signs will continue to go up until we’re out of them, and they will be removed promptly after Election Day.

3) Display a bumper sticker. We will mail or drop off one of our beautiful, purple Jackie Doherty bumper stickers to adorn your car (they remove easily if placed on a back window.)

4) Finally and most importantly, VOTE for Jackie DOHERTY for School Committee on Nov. 3.

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