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The scroll is still in town

I was panicking because I thought I had missed my chance to see the original scroll of On the Road, by Jack Kerouac.  A call to LZ Nunn, the Director of COOL (Cultural Organization of Lowell) reassured me that the scroll is still in town and will be on display at the Boott Cotton Mills until next Sunday, October 14th.  (The Boott Mills are open from 10-5, daily.) 

Why am I so anxious to see the scroll? First of all, NOT seeing it would be one of those classic examples of neglecting to visit the remarkable sites in your own backyard — like living in Lowell and never going on a mill tour, or if you live in Boston, never going to the top of the Pru’ or walking the Freedom Trail (I have done all of those things, by the way). And with the scroll being here all summer, I was kicking myself for not making the effort to see it and could imagine lining up to see it in some other city someday, when seeing it right here in Lowell will be so much more meaningful. Also, I am a Kerouac fan. I’ve read several of his books since moving to Lowell and I admire his lyrical, passionate writing. According to LZ, the scroll

has drawn tens of thousands of people into the city, and has been an international media event with the BBC, National Public Radio, Danish Television, Italian Vogue and the Rolling Stone all coming to Lowell to capture the energy around this exhibit. 

During this last week, members of the UML English department are planning ‘a stroll to the scroll.’  LZ is hoping that some Lowell High teachers will do the same and not miss this chance for their students to “see a one-of-a-kind literary document and learn about a legendary Lowell High graduate.”  Sounds like a good plan.

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