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Knocking on doors

Jackie and I took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend to knock on some doors and distribute our campaign handout.  As always, this activity, though daunting at first, is the most energizing and rewarding part of campaigning.  Walking in neighborhoods, meeting people on their doorsteps or out in their yards doing fall clean-up, hearing compliments and complaints – is really what’s important in a campaign, and the benefit of running for election every two years is that Lowell politicians can’t get too out of touch with their constituents.  After nearly three hours of walking on Saturday, our feet hurt, we were chastised for interrupting the Notre Dame Football game and our own yard work was left untouched; however, we felt that we were doing what needed to be done – talking to voters about Jackie’s work on the Lowell School Committee and the progress being made by our schools.  It’s not easy to ring a stranger’s doorbell, but most people are friendly and receptive, and like a lot of difficult things, it feels good to have done it.

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