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Family in television ads

We have triplet nieces in California who have become quite the hit in television ads (picture three tow-headed four-year olds).  You may have seen them last year being pulled in a wagon together for a Dunkin Donuts commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and President Obama’s state of the union address.  Last fall, they appeared in raincoats and umbrellas for H+R Block ads. Their latest venture is a series of story ads currently airing about a family who loves their Toyota Sienna (“modern, stylish, super good looking—like us”). The ads appear regularly on television, but also can be seen on youtube.  Check out the Meet the Parents,  Daddy Like Help, and Daddy Like Bonding Time and see if you can tell the difference: The girls appear individually, each playing the same role as the daughter in the family. Despite requiring a grueling time commitment—sometimes hours of shooting over several days—the girls apparently love the spotlight, and can’t wait until it’s their turn to be in front of the camera. The money, of course, will come in handy for the girls’ college tuition, but the ads themselves—a series of funny short stories about a narcissitic couple obsessively in love with themselves and their car—are creative in their own right.

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