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11th February 2010

What’s with the weather?

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I get regular emails from the folks at the Observatory on top of Mt. Washington; usually, it’s rather comforting to hear about their horrendous wind speeds, devastating wind chill factors and enormous piles of snow (rather like listening to the traffic reports when you don’t have to go anywhere). This year, however, things are pretty dull up there, as just like us, they watch enviously while Pennsylvania, DC, and points south get dumped on (well, I like to ski, so I’m envious). So far this year, the Mountain has seen below average snowfall, but in an attempt to raise staff morale, it was pointed out that in April of 1988, they got over 100 inches of snow. Here’s hoping!

To live vicariously at the top of Mount Washington (“the world’s worst weather” is proudly proclaimed), check out their site, where you can read about the experiences of the summit volunteers, and see some gorgeous, otherworldly pictures.

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