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29th November 2009

Sunday book chat

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Have you read The Help by Kathryn Stockett? It’s a book that seems to have gone viral since coming out earlier this year. Most of my book group friends have read it, and it does seem to be the type of book that lends itself particularly well to that format. Told in an engaging, if somewhat clunky, rotating-narrator style (at one point, the first-person approach is dropped without explanation for a 3rd person omniscient narrator), the book provides a window-in-time on Jackson, Mississippi, just prior to and during the Civil Rights movement. Follow the link to read my review or leave your own comments if you’ve read it. Despite my quibbles with some of the style and editing choices, the social observations of a place and a not-so-distant time in our history make this an important book as well as an enjoyable read.

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