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9th September 2009

On a lighter note…

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“I read the news today, oh boy…” It’s been one of those days, but after driving home tonight and listening to WROR play one Beatles song after another, “I have to admit it’s getting better,” as I definitely felt my mood lifting. The Beatles tribute tonight was in honor of today’s release of digitally remastered versions of all their studio albums, from Please Please Me in 1963 to Let It Be in 1970. Listening to the music got me thinking about an article I just read in the Sept. 3, 2009 issue of RollingStone entitled “Why the Beatles Broke Up—The Inside Story.” (Apparently the article is too current for linking at this time, but it is an interesting read if you can get it.) I was in middle school when the band fell apart, but I remember thinking it was all Yoko Ono’s fault. According to RollingStone, it was much more complicated than that. Also worth noting in this issue are comments in the “Editor’s Notes” about a Pew Research Center study, which determined that the Beatles bridge the generation gap and appear to be universally liked by all ages. (Who in the 60s would have thought rock ‘n roll would help transcend generational distrust?) As I pulled into my driveway to the harmonizing sounds of this amazing band (along with my own, not-so-harmonizing voice) belting out “Ah, look at all the lonely people…” I felt myself transformed into a lighter, freer me, and I just had to stay and finish the song with a group who made an indelible mark on my life.

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