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26th February 2009

Trash day in the Highlands…could get messy

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As much as I want folks to recycle and am particularly enamored with the new barrels (such a pretty color), I was disheartened today to see so many of the new containers on the streets loaded with trash and waiting for pickup. (I counted at least a dozen on Westford Street alone.) Thinking perhaps it was a Highlands disconnect, I called the Health Department and they confirmed it: Citywide, lots of loaded barrels were put out early—BEFORE the program was set to begin. As the instructions on the containers state, the program starts March 2, which is next week. No problem, they emptied them anyway, but it got me worried that the transition to the new trash system could get messy…


It also got me thinking about what to do with the old containers. There are several options: Reuse them for “Yard Waste” or “Bottles and Cans” by getting free stickers from the Health Dept, 341 Pine Street, or Lowell City Hall (weekdays 9-5) and placing them on your old containers. Or if you don’t have storage space, in a few months the city will schedule pickup of the old barrels. Just think, no need to purchase bags for leaf raking in the fall—another plus for a more recycling-friendly waste system that will save money too! For more information about the new system, check here.

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  1. 1 On February 26th, 2009, Lynne said:

    I think it’ll be easier than we think it’ll be. The transition, despite the fact that people put them out early, so far hasn’t been totally bad. A couple weeks of emptying out these barrels manually won’t hurt much. And next week we get to use the new ones! (And I agree, so pretty! Not maroon. More like raspberry! LOL)

    As for the old, alas, I compost, so my old leaves (well, I don’t get leaves, no trees overhanging my yard) and yard waste either gets composted, or in the case of grass clippings, left to nourish my grass). I even have a “yard waste” sticker somewhere and never put it on anything. So I’m not sure what I will do with my old barrel. For people who think they will be needing overflow bags, you might want to keep old barrels around for storing the purple bags til garbage day to keep out the animals. But for us, we never even fill up one old trash barrel a week, so the new one could go weeks and not get filled. :)

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