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15th July 2008

The curse of plastic bags

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I just ran out of plastic grocery bags, which I use to line my kitchen trash receptacle. This was a result of using a motley collection of non-disposable grocery bags (Trader Joe’s are the best), which I am finally remembering to put in the car and bring into the store. Now what am I going to do for lining kitchen and other garbage cans? I’m not sure, but after viewing this strong statement against our dependence on plastic, I’m ready to rethink my habits.

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  1. 1 On July 15th, 2008, Cynthia said:

    I understand! I have been using mine HABITUALLY for over 5 years now, and developing ‘the habit’ was indeed the hardest part. I love them so much, that my granddaughter, who is a Youth Entrepreneur, decided to sell them. If you will check out the page on her website “How to Use Kool Bags” you will be overwhelmed with ideas you hadn’t thought of. Once you realize how incredibly versatile a top quality thermal insulated shopping bag is, you will always remember to return it to your trunk as soon as it’s emptied. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone survives without them! Oh, Amber’s website is YouthBusiness.us

    P.S. – I really like the Trader Joe’s bags, too (mostly because I love Trader Joe’s!) but they’re a little bit bulky and the cargo space is somewhat limited. I admit to abusing the ‘recommended’ cargo load in my Kool Bags. My husband complains because he has to haul them in carrying them like a whale in his arms (he claims!)

  2. 2 On July 15th, 2008, Jackie said:

    One thing about plastic bags that struck me during my recent visit to Ireland was that the stores charge you for each one they have to supply. If I remember correctly, it was about 40 cents on the Euro. (With one Euro the equivalent of about $1.70 American, we’re not talking a few pennies here.) Most folks I saw brought their own bags. I’m also in the process of getting used to it–either leaving the bags in the car, or worse–at home. Like the pay-as-you-throw program, more folks will get onboard if you make it economically punitive not to.

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