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29th October 2007

Subcommittee meeting broadcast tonight

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For the first time, a school subcommittee meeting will be broadcast live tonight at 7 p.m. from Channel 22 studios at Lowell High School. As an initial step in a pilot project to make subcommittee meetings more available to the general public, Lowell High students working with staff will produce the meeting for broadcast at the Colleen Creegan Television Studios. The agenda for tonight’s meeting follows:  Latin Lyceum, Evening Academy, Read 180 Update, Scholarship Report, School Store Update, and Science Labs.

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  1. 1 On October 29th, 2007, Disgusted said:

    After watching the subcommittee meeting tonight, I literally felt sick. Not one of you on the school committee has any idea what is really going on in the school. Why don’t you do your homework and ask some of the teachers involved in these shams (sophomore read 180, school store, etc.) how things are really going. What about the travesty that is sophomore clustering, or the debacle that is the New Teacher Academy. Make an honest effort and you won’t be whitewashed so easily next time.

  2. 2 On October 29th, 2007, Jackie said:

    Thank you for your comment. The fact that you were watching and were moved to provide feedback reinforces the need for getting these meetings televised. That said, I would really like more information about the issues you mention. Although I’m not completely surprised, I’m disappointed to think that we’re not getting the whole story on some of these important initiatives. To address your questions regarding teachers, I do speak with as many people from other perspectives as possible—including parents, teachers, students, security guards, custodians, cafeteria workers—in short, as many people as I can. I consider them all valuable sources of information and absolutely necessary for me to do this job effectively. (In fact, I met two LHS teachers while knocking on doors today and both told me things were “great” at the high school.) One way I hope we will be able to address this disconnect stems from a recent motion Connie Martin had regarding surveying all teachers for their thoughts on curriculum, opportunity for advancement, respectful climates at their schools, and other issues related to job satisfaction. There are national models for how to conduct such a survey that would provide confidentiality and meaningful data. This information will benefit the whole district. Finally, I want to hear from you and others regarding concerns about our schools. If you’re not comfortable providing details of your concerns in this public venue, you can email me at jacdoherty@comcast.net or call me at 978-459-0004. Please know, I keep my sources confidential.

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