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13th May 2010

What I love about the MRT

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The Merrimack Repertory Theatre, that is. Well, besides the fact that its close to home, parking is easy, and there are now some restaurants open late for after-show dining, they are so accomodating. I’ve been a subscriber for over 10 years, and it pretty much never fails that I can’t make it on the night I’m supposed to go. They always cheerfully reschedule my tickets, even at the last minute. Yesterday, for example, after waiting on hold for awhile, I sent an email to the box office, explaining my problem, hoping I would be able to use my tickets for tonight’s performance of The Blonde, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead. It’s the last weekend of the show and the last show of the season, and I know they’ve been selling out, so I wasn’t that confident that I could get in; however, Sean emailed me back, letting me know that I had two seats for the show (and in the orchestra, which is my preference). Now, that’s great service!

A word about live theatre: you do take your chances when you go to a play. You actually might not like it. There have been many plays over the years that I haven’t liked or that I thought could have been directed or acted better, but it makes for great conversation after the show. Or, as has happened to me a few times, at the MRT, in fact, you might end up seeing one of the greatest shows you’ve ever seen. You might be moved to tears, or laughter, or both. You might find your world view altered just a bit as you step outside and remember where and who you are. Of course, this can happen with a movie as well, but with theatre, because of the immediacy and intimacy of a live production, it’s a heightened experience, one that can never quite be repeated or explained. That’s why I love theatre, and I love that I can have this experience right downtown. If you want to check out the show, before it closes on Sunday, send an email to Sean at the box office (box_office @ merrimackrep.org) , I’m sure he’ll fit you in.

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